Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Coiled Captors DLC

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands 1st DLC

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On April 21st the first DLC for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands will drop. You can purchase the DLC separately or if you bought the season pass the DLC will be included. Remember if you bought the Chaotic Great Edition the season pass was included with that.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands DLC – Coiled Captors Launch Trailer

Coiled Captors

We have met the Coiled while adventuring through the Wonderlands. The Coiled have captured an old god and turned him into a seawarg. You must traverse through this dungeon to face off against “Chums” the old god who will take 4 different forms over the next few weeks.

  • First Form: 9:30 AM PT on April 21
  • Second Form: 9:30 AM PT on April 28
  • Third Form: 9:30 AM PT on May 5
  • Final Form: 9:30 AM PT on May 12

You have to beat him multiple times to get to each form as the weeks progress. And if you die while fighting him you will be flung back out and have to traverse back to him.

Spinning the Wheel of Fate

This DLC will also add a wheel of fate. During your battles, you will collect Lost Souls that can be used to spin the Wheel of Fate and unlock more weapons, skins, wards, and other loot.

The enemies in this area will start at level 13 and scale with your Fatemaker level. It would be ill-advised to try and jump into this DLC too soon.

I’m really hoping this DLC is significant. This has a major event DLC from Borderlands 3 (that was typically included for free) vibe to it ala Halloween Haunt and Broken Hearts. Where you went into a small area and could complete it in an hour or so.

Being that this came out so close to release they will take a lot of flak if this DLC is short and lacks substance. I will play it tomorrow as soon as I can and will report back if it is worth the shot.

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