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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Update/Hotfix 4/14/2022

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Gearbox has released a new update for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and by this morning all users should have this update. The update number is

This update brings some balance to some weapons but many have argued that the priority of these balance fixes was not well-timed. Here are some of the balance fixes to some weapons:

Sniper Rifles
  Increased all Sniper Rifle damage by 20%
Magic Poison SMG
  We found that these guns weren’t appreciated as it was taking 1.5 seconds for the damage   to ramp up to competitive levels. We’re removing the delay and including it as part of the base damage that the gun does.

- Removed +50% damage scaling over time
- Increased Hyperius Magic Poison SMG Damage scaling by 50%
- Increased Dahlia Magic Poison SMG Damage scaling by 50%
- Increased Feriore Magic Poison SMG Damage scaling by 50%
- Reduced Feriore Magic Poison SMG Thrown Damage by 20% to compensate for the damage increase
- White Rider's Dual Beam damage scaling remains unchanged, overall increasing the damage each beam deals due to the Dahlia scaling change.
- The damage of White Rider's Single Beam mode was getting scaled twice. The damage was close to what we were aiming for before these buffs, but due to the additional increases, we’ve reduced this modifier’s form by 11.8%.

Legendary Pistols
 Reduced Masterwork Handbow Damage Scaling by 30.8%
 Reduced Masterwork Handbow Crit Damage Bonus by 50%
 Reduced Catatumbo damage Scaling by 6.67%
 Reduced Queen's Cry Damage Scaling by 15%
 Reduced Pookie's Chew Toy Damage Scaling by 28.8%
 Reduced Ruby's Spite Damage Scaling by 30.8%
 Increased Automagic.exe Damage Scaling by 50%
 Increased Gluttony Damage Scaling by 15.4%
 Increased The Message Reload Speed by 50%

Addressed an issue with how Liquid Cooling Damage Scaling was being calculated.

There are a lot of people salty about the adjustment to Liquid Cooling as this gun was one of the best in the game. I have seen screenshots of purple-level pistols that do more damage than Liquid Cooling after they nerfed the gun. Hopefully, a future fix will give it back some of its juice.

This hotfix will also bring a new weekly rotation and in-game mini-event. This week the Dice from random encounters will drop more loot and moon orbs.

The update also brings other balance adjustments to spells:

Magic Barrage
 Magic Barrage fires magic projectiles at enemies. We’ve made some changes to how some of these different variants scale their damage at higher levels, the cooldown times, and in the case of the Concentrated Magic Barrage, swapped out an extra projectile in favor of the spell now having two stages when channeled that increase in damage.

Magic Barrage (all prefixes) - Increased base spell damage from 8 to 13
Overwhelming Magic Barrage - Increased damage scaling 13%
Overwhelming Magic Barrage - Decreased cooldown by 8%
Bursting Magic Barrage - Increased damage scaling by 56%
Cascading Magic Barrage - Increased damage scaling by 69%
Concentrated Magic Barrage - Reduced damage scaling by 45%
Concentrated Magic Barrage - Reduced the Radius scaling by 66%
Concentrated Magic Barrage - Increased Cooldown scaling by 5%
Concentrated Magic Barrage - Reduced total channel time by 0.5 sec
Concentrated Magic Barrage - Replaced the extra projectile at max channel time with 25% increased spell damage.

Cloudburst Arc Torrent

Arken’s Arc Torrent spell calls down a lightning bolt on enemies. We’ve adjusted how the damage and radius scaling for the spell works in its individual channeling stages.

Stages get increasingly more powerful; it will now scale at 25% each stage.
 Increased Eruption base damage from 20 to 24
 Increased all Hydra Spells base charges from 1 to 2, so you can have double the casting fun!
 Increased all Sigil Spells base damage by 200%

They have also adjusted the backstory hero points. The hero points will only be updated on a new hero creation and will not affect existing fatemakers.

Note: Backstories cannot be changed after you pick one, but the changes will still be applied to your characters when you play the game! These changes will all apply to new characters.

Village Idiot
 Added -3 Wisdom penalty

Raised By Elves
 Increased Dexterity from +2 to +4
 Increased Attunement from +0 to +2

Failed Monk
 Increase Wisdom bonus from +4 to +6
 Increase Intelligence bonus from +2 to +3

Rogue Alchemist
 Increase Attunement from 0 to +2

There are also various visual adjustments and some other quality of life improvements

- Fixed an issue that was sometimes causing the achievement after completing the “Walk the Stalk” quest to not be awarded.
- Patched up a hole in Queen's Gate
- Fatemakers who do not own the Butt Stallion Pack are now able to drop and sell cosmetic items from it if picked up during gameplay.
- Prevented Fatemakers from picking up fire spells before they knew how to do fire magic.
Increased the chance for Chaos Chamber Aspects (bosses) and the Maker to drop dedicated gear.
- For each Aspect defeated, we have increased the chance for their dedicated item to drop from the Maker. In addition, The Maker herself is also getting an increased chance for dedicated gear to drop.

Tina has completed the item cards, and Quadbow and Thunder Anima are now possible World Drops!

Gave Customization Drops a whole new look!

We recolored the loot beam and outline to a better yellow color so they wouldn’t get confused with the Purple Epic Gear. The Lost Loot Machine will no longer confuse them with Epic gear, either! The item card has now been switched to match Common item cards. The audio cue for their drop is no longer the same as Epic gear.

Make more gold! You can sell customizations for twice as much at vending machines now!
The "Awe" passive properly scales to the Fatemaker instead of giving a flat rate

A lot of changes in this hotfix and really I think it is great to see so many improvements being made. I am still seeing a lot of bugs. Just yesterday my character got frozen in the overworld after hitting a mimic chest in the overworld and my only course of action was to fast travel away.

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