craftopia automated battery farm

Craftopia automated battery farm

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Craftopia automated battery farm

Batteries are a big part of crafting advanced items in Craftopia. As you progress through the Ages in Craftopia you will find that you need more and more batteries. And if you want to automate certain tasks those automations will require batteries.

How do you craft batteries in Craftopia?

In order to craft a battery in Craftopia, you need to build a Generator (Small). The Generator can be crafted at a workbench with the following items:

  • 1 Steel Ingot
  • 1 Cogwheel
  • 5 Log

After building your Generator (Small) at a workbench you can then place the generator. In order to make a generator function and create batteries, you have three options.

Jump on the generator wheel and run on the wheel

The first and easiest way to generate batteries is to jump on the hamster wheel of the Generator (Small) and start running. You will see the batteries start to be created while you are running. You can only do this while you have a full stamina bar so make sure you are at full satiety and maybe eat some extra before you jump on the wheel.

Capture an animal/NPC and throw them on the wheel of the generator

Sheep on Generator (Small) making batteries
Sheep on Generator (Small) making batteries

The second option requires you to craft a monster prism (or 10). Then find an animal/NPC and lower their health to near death. Then throw a monster prism at the animal/NPC to capture it. Once captured you can go next to your Generator (Small) and aim at the back of the wheel and throw the monster prism.

If you did it correctly the animal/NPC should be running in the big hamster wheel. And you should see the batteries start to generate. They will run until their health depletes and die.

Place the generator under animals/NPCs where they spawn

On the starter island if you pay attention when you spawn you will notice the NPCs kind of spawn from the sky. Also if you look at where the floating island in the sky is sometimes you will see cows spawn and then fall to the ground.

If you line up your Generator (Small) just right those NPCs or cows will fall right onto the generator and start running and producing batteries. 

This strategy can be hit or miss but can provide a nice automated way to generate batteries but in lower numbers.

How do you automate battery creation in Craftopia?

Automated Battery Farm in Craftopia

You can use the third strategy above by using NPC spawn points but there is an even better way to automate battery creation. Here is what you need to make this happen.

  • Stone walls and floors (about 20 each)
  • A body of water
  • A breeding facility
  • 2 captured Green Monos (around level 40 work best)
  • 2 captured animals/NPCs
  • 2 Generator (Small)
  • 2 Chests (Steel preferred)
  • 2 Droppers
  • 2 Absorbers

Step 1: Setup a containment area

Automated battery containment area
Automated battery containment area

Over a body of water create a containment area with stone walls and floors. It probably needs to be around 6 x 3 at minimum. Leave an empty spot in the middle for the water.

The water should be shallow water. If it is too deep then the process may not work correctly. You are using the healing power of a Green Mono dying to fully automate this.

Step 2: Place a breeding facility and start breeding Green Monos

 Automated battery breeding facility placement
Automated battery breeding facility placement

Place the breeding facility where the outlet is placed above the pool of water. Then throw the captured Green Monos onto the breeding facility to get them breeding. Watch and make sure the Green Mono produced falls into the water and then drowns. After the Green Mono drowns it should “shoot” out healing and heal the two Green Monos on the breeding facility.

Step 3: Place the 2 Generator (Small) near the pool of water

  Automated battery Generator (Small) placement
Automated battery Generator (Small) placement

On each side of the pool of water place a Generator (Small). The back edge where the wheel is should be closest to the water.

Step 4: Throw your captured NPC/animal on the Generator (Small)

Equip your captured animal/NPC and then face towards the back of the hamster wheel on the Generator (Small). Throw the animal/NPC so they start running on the Generator. If you miss, make sure and have an extra monster prism to capture them again and try to throw it again.

Once they start running make sure the Green Monos that are dying are also healing the animal/NPC running on the wheel. If not you may need to adjust your placement.

Step 5: Attach a dropper to the Generator (Small)

Attach a dropper to the Generator (Small) so it throws the batteries straight out from the front.

Step 6: Place the chests and attach absorbers to them

   Automated battery dropper and chest absorbers
Automated battery dropper and chest absorbers

Place the chests about a block away from where you attached the droppers. Then place an absorber in front of the chest. I usually make sure the chests are up against a wall in case the absorber misses any batteries and I can manually collect them.

If you followed the steps correctly you should have your own fully automated battery farm. If you set this up near your home base anytime you are on that island you should start generating lots of batteries and never run out.

You may want to check on it occasionally because the game can glitch and the healing mechanism of the Green Mono might not heal everything correctly. If this happens just replace the captured Green Monos and animals/NPCs and start again.

I hope this guide helped you automate your battery creation. If it did make sure and share this post and subscribe to our Youtube channel for other helpful guides and playthroughs.

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