craftopia winter content update

Craftopia Winter Content Update 12/4/2021

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UPDATE: The winter content update has been released click here for details.

PocketPair the developers of Craftopia have announced a few items to confirm what will be included in the Winter Content Update.

Here is what they have confirmed along with confirming the update will drop on December 15th.

  • Katana weapon
  • New move called “Detect” that will go with the Katana
  • New field bosses, Fafnir and Giant Worm
  • New weapons some of them specific to the new field bosses
  • New vehicle – Biplane
  • New fishery system along with updates to how fishing works

Here is the full update from 12/4/2021

Thank you for playing Craftopia.

We've determined the release date of the next update. "Winter Update 2021" will be planned to be released around 18:00 - 22:00 JST on Wednesday, Dec. 15th. (The time might be slightly changed)

This update will bring the contents below:
1) New weapon type, "Katana," which lots of players have been waiting for! The special move "Detect" can be performed while using Katana!
2) New field bosses "Fafnir" and "Giant Worm" will appear! You will obtain various rewards such as new weapons and new accessories by defeating them!
3) New vehicle "Biplane" which you can ride on to fly around the sky at high speed!
4) New system, "Fishery," allows you to use Fishing Net to acquire various items from fish shadows spread across the ocean!
We'll add a number of new weapons and new furniture along with them!

Please be patient and excited about the next major update! The alpha version of Craftopia will be continued to be updated as well.

Let us know in the comments what you are looking forward to in the coming updates. And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for Craftopia guides and tips and other gaming videos.

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