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Greedfall 2 – The Dying World Announced

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Spiders the developers of Greedfall have released a teaser trailer for an upcoming sequel to Greedfall. The new RPG is named Greedfall 2 – The Dying World.

Greedfall brought a fresh and unique twist to your typical RPG with a swashbuckling backdrop, monsters, and lots of great player choices. According to the developers, Greedfall 2 will bring even bigger and better changes and will add some more tactical combat and improved mechanics over the first game.

I have high hopes they will improve the combat as it got really repetitive in some instances.

Right now the game is slated for a 2024 release so it seems the development is still in the early stages.

A snippet from Spider’s site about the game:

The story begins three years before the events of the first opus and the adventures of De Sardet. This time you play as a native of Teer Fradee who is taken against his will from his island to the mainland of Gacane, the original colonial land. In this old world torn apart by war, scarred by malichor and the political conspiracies of different factions, you must regain your freedom and take back the reins of your destiny. Using diplomacy, cunning or combat, as well as the help of the allies you gather, it is up to you to put an end to the ambitions of conquest of a man who could bring both the continent and your island to their end.

Check out the trailer below for Greedfall 2 – The Dying World

Announcement trailer for Greedfall 2 – The Dying World

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