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Role-Playing Games Week Recap 1/18/2022

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Role-Playing Games Week Recap 1/18/2022

Microsoft spending some serious cash and a new trailer for Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Microsoft to buy Activision/Blizzard

One of the biggest shocking news stories in a while was the announcement that Microsoft is set to buy Activision/Blizzard for almost 70 billion dollars. This isn’t just speculation or rumors this is a full-blown done deal. In fact, they are already putting up the publicity to start expecting these games to come to Microsoft Game Pass soon.

I am absolutely blown away by this news. Activision has been in a bit of trouble lately and struggling because of the word that they treated their employees like crap and had a toxic work environment. I am thinking this helped Microsoft buy them at a cheaper price and maybe the MS culture can help them solve their problems. If Sony wasn’t sweating bullets yet they are now. If they were to pull Call of Duty from being cross-platform then Sony might have to work some magic and do an acquisition of their own.

For the RPG lovers, this could mean all the Diablo games coming to Game Pass (some already have been on Game Pass) and it could mean future development around World of Warcraft.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Gameplay Trailer

A new trailer for Pokemon Legends: Arceus dropped from Nintendo. The game is coming soon so it only makes sense that they would drop an extended gameplay trailer for all to see what to expect.

Pokemon Legens: Arceus gameplay trailer

We can see that Pokemon Legends: Arceus will add an actual crafting system where you will have to craft your own poke balls. For those that enjoy crafting games like Minecraft or Craftopia this will be a welcome addition. There are comparisons of this game to Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild so it will be interesting to see how this game plays out.

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