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How to Manage Inventory in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a stand-alone game based on the Borderlands franchise. And just like any good Borderlands game, there is a ton of loot. You get loot from quests, you get loot from killing enemies, you get loot from chests, and so many other places.

Even though you start out with 36 inventory slots you will fill up those inventory spaces very quickly early in the game. So how do you manage inventory in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

Drop Items

The quickest and easiest way to manage your inventory is to drop items. On Xbox when you go into the inventory screen of your player menu you can select an item and click and hold X to drop an item.

I always like to sort my items by score as this will put the less desirable items at the bottom of my list. Then I can scroll to the bottom and work my way up to find items that I want to drop first.

I also compare things like how much gold are they worth and their rarity. The white-colored items are common and the green-colored items are uncommon. Those are the first items I would drop but I also look at how much gold they are worth.

For instance, if I had a few items to pick up and my inventory was full if all of them are green and white then I would see their gold sell value is more than what I have already. If they are I will drop the items with a lower gold sell value.

Unlock Items

Unlock Banner Customizations To Free Up Inventory
Unlock Banner Customizations To Free Up Inventory

Another thing to look for in your inventory is items that are unlockables. You will pick up Banner Skins, Armor Skins, and other unlockables that are just taking up your inventory space.

To unlock a skin you select the item and click A on Xbox. If successful it will say [Item Name] Unlocked! and the item will disappear from your inventory.

You will see this after you unlock a customization - Banner Pattern Unlocked!
You will see this after you unlock a customization

Sell Items

Sell inventory items to Mystical Magics shop
Sell inventory items to Mystical Magics shop

When you get to a new area or right before you get to a boss battle you will notice the vending machines. These vending machines act like traders where you can buy and sell items. Most items you pick up will have little or no use for them at all. 

As soon as you unlock Brighthoof there are several vending machines right in the middle of town. This is my go-to place to sell items because Brighthoof is your main gathering place (it’s essentially the same as Sanctuary in previous Borderlands games).

Selling them to the vending machine will be where most of your inventory clearing time happens. But there is a way to make this process a little less painful.

Marking items as junk

Mark items as junk and sell them quickly
Mark items as junk and sell them quickly

In your inventory screen, you can select an item and press the left thumbstick (LS) on Xbox and mark an item as junk. If done properly it will add a little red trash icon to the item.

After you have marked some items as junk you now go to any vending machine and it will immediately give you the option to sell junk without even opening the vending machine. This will save you tons of time of having to go through additional menus of selling gear.

Store them in the Bank

Once Brighthoof is unlocked you will have a quest to go to Izzy’s Fizzies. She will show you around the soda bar and will lead you to a corner that has two things that will help you manage your inventory.

The Bank

Store items in Izzy's Fizzies Bank to manage your inventory
Store items in Izzy’s Fizzies Bank

The bank is exactly what it sounds like. A safe place to deposit weapons and expand your inventory. In previous Borderlands games, I would use the bank to store legendary weapons/shields/gear that I might want to swap out if the right circumstance comes up.

You can drop off items and pick them up at any time but it does have a limited capacity. You can buy additional slots to expand how many items can be stored in the bank near the blacksmith.

The Lost Loot Machine

Use the Lost Loot Machine to retrieve lost weapons
Use the Lost Loot Machine to retrieve lost weapons

The lost loot machine was a welcomed addition to the game. If you don’t have time to mess with your inventory you can actually not pick up those epic, rare, and legendary items and they will go to your lost loot machine.

But buyer beware here because your lost loot machine can fill up and the loot will be lost forever. You can also buy additional slots for your lost loot machine near the blacksmith.

Storage Deck Upgrade

Buy Storage Deck Upgrades (SDU) to increase your inventory max
Buy Storage Deck Upgrades (SDU) to increase your inventory max

After your quest to meet Izzy at Izzy’s Fizzies you will get a quest to meet the blacksmith of Brighthoof. The blacksmith will direct you to the machine that sells Storage Deck Upgrades.

This machine allows you to purchase SDUs (Storage Deck Upgrades) that will increase the amount of backpack inventory you have, weapon ammo max capacity, bank capacity, and lost loot capacity.

Each upgrade costs a set amount of gold and the more you buy the more gold you will need to buy for the next level.

Complete the main storyline

As you complete the main storyline quests you will unlock additional weapon slots that will expand your ability to have more items. Upon finishing some bigger parts of the main quest the NPCs typically reward you with unlocking the 3rd and 4th weapon slots.

As you progress you will also unlock additional slots to carry things like rings and other items to help further give you buffs for your character.

I hope this guide helped you get a better grasp on your inventory issues and provided you with a way to manage your inventory in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. If you found this guide useful you can find more guides on our Youtube channel.


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