craftopia xbox boss rush dungeon update is live

Craftopia Boss Rush Update is Live on Xbox

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Well, they said it would release this week and finally PocketPair has come through and released an update to Xbox on time. The original schedule was sometime in June and they made the deadline.

This gives me high hopes that their new team that is focused on pushing updates to Xbox is really working well for them and this could mean great things for the game on Xbox going forward.

What does the Boss Rush Update bring to Xbox?

Boss Rush Dungeon

You will have to unlock an island of level 7 to find the new Boss Rush Dungeon. The island type is called small ominous island and when you visit the boss rush dungeon should be straight ahead. I have heard reports of a royal tomb spawning so there may be a bug to work out here.

The Boss Rush Dungeon is a dungeon with a set amount of levels and each level contains a boss and possibly some lesser mobs. Click here to read the full details on the Boss Rush Dungeon.

Kart Racing

At your skilled machine factory, you can now build racing carts. And at your furniture workbench, there are new racing tracks available to build and race your karts on.

Enchanting Scrolls and Table

In the Boss Rush Dungeon, you will collect enchanting scrolls as rewards for beating each level. The harder the boss the better the scroll. Once redeemed you can use these enchanting scrolls on an enchanting table to add or replace enchantments to your shields and weapons.

More Pets!

You will be able to tame most bosses and pets now. Click on this guide on how to tame pets.

Keyboard and Mouse support

This was a surprise addition to this update. The Xbox will now support mouse and keyboard when playing Craftopia. They have identified some bugs here but they are working on a hotfix to address those bugs.

There are many more updates that came along with this. Click here to see the full release notes.

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