craftopia winter content update delayed xbox

Craftopia Xbox Winter Content Delayed Again

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The Xbox Winter Content update has finally been released. Click here for important details.

I was expecting to log in this morning to my Xbox and have an update waiting for Craftopia. But alas no update once again. I jumped over to the official discord channel and see this lovely message waiting for me.

We've been working hard on the Xbox update and were hoping to release it before January ended. However, the update also includes a fix for save data, which will take a little while more to test. The tests will be completed in the next few days. We will let you know when it is completed asap. 

Sorry again for the delays everyone!

Honestly, I completely expected them to miss their end-of-the-month deadline again. It doesn’t surprise me because these things happen in game and software development. Schedules get behind and testing is always the last thing to come in.

I would rather them get the save data right this time instead of having all of my progress deleted or lost again. The last update really got mucked up so getting it tested thoroughly and having it work right should be the priority. Once again we will have to wait a few more days for the Xbox Winter Content Update.

Stay tuned here and on my Youtube channel for more tips and news on Craftopia. As soon as the Xbox Winter Content Update is available we will post it here.

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